One intelligent platform many possibilities

Born Digital, TechAim aims to deliver the end-to-end spectrum of solutions driving the transformational projects.

  • SALES - Adapt, iterate, grow, repeat

Let us help you to Change traditional sales by leveraging Cloud, new digital channels, AI, data and analytics to drive performance across teams.

  • SERVICE - Keep your support agents and customes Happy

Let us help you to connect service, sales and field agents to provide seamless business operations at reduced costs.

This is the era of the augmented employee, who continuously adopts new digital tools to raise their customer-facing performance.

  • MARKETING - Right message, in the right tone, at the right time

Let us help you with an amazing Multi-Channel & Cross-Channel Marketing Solution for Customer Journey Management, Email, Mobile, Social Media, Web Personalization, Advertising, Content Creation, Data Analysis & so many other things.

  • E -COMMERCE - Unify the buying experience

Let us help you to have a complete commerce solution for marketing, merchandising, promotions, fulfillment and more, activated across all digital channels literally within few weeks.

  • PLATFORM - One platform endless possibilities

We help you by offering:

  • 1) Single ecosystem for designing, building and running multiple apps
  • 2) Drag and drop apps/tools to automate buiness processes
  • 3) Secure way(single signon) to access your systems
  • 4) Connecting and collaborating with all stakeholders
  • INTEGRATION - Bring the power of integration to your enterprise

We help integrate any system(data,applications or devices) on cloud or on premises with API led connectivity to make them pluggable and reusable (access to reusable integration templates, API designs, and connectors help deliver projects faster) .

  • ANALYTICS - Making data-driven decisions made easy

We help taking any kind of data from almost any system and turning it into actionable insights with speed and ease. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping quick spot visual patterns revealing decision points or eureka moments .

  • AI - Anticipate the unexpected

We use and analyse past inside and outside data to discover hidden insights and relevant patterns into all data and recommendations to complex problems, predict future outcomes, automate processes by embedding AI into your apps ​.

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